Friday, December 21, 2007


This is a picture of me, my Husband, and our 5 Grandchildren. I am SO BLESSED to have my Family!

I had my Tysabri infusion on 12/20/07, and feel so much better! About 1 week before my infusion date I am so tired, and other MS stuff! I shopped all day today, and baked cookies! YEAH TYSABRI!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know that all of us lucky people who are on Tysabri will have a great 2008!!


Lauren said...

What an awesome photo Cyndee! All of you look so happy! I'll never forget when we met down in the Valley for Dr. B's Tysabri seminar, that was soooo much fun, but I think that your hubby and Ray would probably have liked to have been somewhere else instead-LOL!

I hope your upcoming infusion goes well, and that you and your entire family (including the gazillion grandchildren you have-heehee), have the most wonderful and blessed Mary Christmas, and the happiest of New Year's following right behind.

All my best, Lauren :)

Stuart said...

Great to hear that you are feeling better. Fabulous looking family photo. I am sure the grandkids will notice a huge difference with their grandma and the amount of energy she will have for them...

Cyndee said...

Thanks Stuart! Yes, I do have a lot more energy right after my Tysabri. Although, after spending 3 days at 3 of the oldest Grandkids house, I did have to spend 2 days in bed when I came home. I think it's my MS saying "hey, you still have MS, YOU KNOW!" But it was all worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndee
Linked to your blog from Living With MS and would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Glad that you are having success with your treatment. Hope you'll check out my site Brain Angles.

Anonymous said...

Cyndee, I've viewed your blog and I'm hoping you'll share your story about M.S. for one of my future "O Sole Mio Sundays" columns. My hundreds of readers would love to hear your story! You can view my blog at:

Just look for the O Sole Mio Sundays link for info on how to send me your story!

Have a Sunshine Day,

Blinders Off said...

Happy New Year Cyndee..beautiful picture!