Friday, July 27, 2007


Had my Tysabri infusion on July 25th and feel wonderful! After my last infusion the pain in my face was much less, arthritis was better, helped my double vision and cognitive problems better. Then, about the 10th day, it all started to come back, but not as bad as it was before my infusion. So that is all GOOD! My Ulcerative Colitis is giving me problems, as usual! I told the lady that was giving me my infusion that I hope "this batch" of Tysabri was as good as the last batch"! ha, ha.

So, keep your fingers crossed that it is!! Oh, also, no exacerbations since I started Tysabri in December. WoW!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


On June 27 I got my Tysabri infusion. Well, the next day, I was up at 6 a.m. and was so full of energy! That went away the next day. BUT, I felt really good for 10 days!!
I had some symptoms, very light, and then on the 10th day, I was really not feeling well at all. I was dizzy, stomach problems, hand not working, and etc. I looked at my calender, and it was exactly 10 since my infusion!! I couldn't believe it!! I asked my infusion nurse about it, and she said that she had heard from several of her clients that between 10-12 days the effects of the Tysabri seems to wear off.

But, hey, that's not bad! This time, I still had the burning in my face, and some shooting pains in my legs, but not the constant pain. So GOOD NEWS!!

I also bought a "Cool Shirt" and wear it daily in the heat. It really works!!
I am so happy with it! If you go to the website, you can order the shirt in a t-shirt or the poncho. If you call, I talked to Dave and he was so helpful!