Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Well, it's the new year and I've decided to keep a journal about what is happening in my life, and living with MS.
Last December I had my first infussion of Tysabri. I was so nervous! I saw the doctor, had my regular exam, and then a very nice nurse put in the IV, found the vein the first time, and we sat there talking for one hour while I was having the infusion and then while she was observing me, we talked somemore! It was so EASY!!! I had no reactions at all. That night and the following day, I just couldn't believe that all my pain was gone! It only lasted 2 days, but, hey, 2 days of no pain!! I'll take any day with no pain. I will be receiving my second infusion next Friday!!!! I am so Excited!!! What if I had no pain for 3 days!!!!
Laurens' (Living with MS) blog, has inspired me to do this blog. She is so inspiring!! Thanks Lauren!
I would like to hear from other MS patients, so feel free to send comments. Thanks!

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Lauren said...

{{{{{{{Cyndee}}}}}}}}, I'm SOOO Proud of you girlfriend! I keep hearing the BeachBoys song "I Wish They All Could Be California Girls" (heehee), keep me posted after your next infusion, I'm getting excited for you! {{{hugs}}} Lauren :)